A warm Welcome to you! 

This is Theresa, excited you have joined me for “The World Through Theresa’s Eyes.”

With you and others of like mind from all over the world, I will share my thoughtful musings, comments and occasionally “bare my soul” re the world and my personal “Road Less Traveled.”

Writings will range from inspirational and uplifting, or at times may be of a probing and even of a little confrontational nature, or they could be a bit philosophical or of a metaphysical nature.  Others may help to “ground you” for your upcoming day.  While others will be funny, lighthearted and bring a smile.

My hope is that you occasionally find my blogs healing, deeply insightful, bring a breath of fresh air to your day,  and, every once in awhile  “push your envelope”   even more than you have already have been pushed by this pandemic.  

Finding “meaning” in this pandemic upside down world: I imagine you have felt sometime or another in the last 8 months that you have been trying to navigate the energetic  waves of fear, disruption and chaos.

But it’s like trying to surf on quicksand….ya gotta stay on the board or else you might get sucked down into the vortex of the accumulated fear and chaos, feeling like you are suffocating. 

 Whether we admit or not, we have all been confronted by this new COVID19 “Reality.”  We have all been stripped of everything we held dear, or were familiar with, loved, depended on, felt comfortable with, and had fun with.  

We are a nation in mourning.   No hugging, no touching, no physical closeness.   No rituals of celebration; weddings, graduations, births.  Heck, it is not possible to mourn someone we know who has passed during this time with others in a memorial service or funeral….it’s all been ripped away, suddenly and completely.  We cannot gather physically together in closeness, which can be the most powerful way to begin a healing, to begin closure. 

Here’s what you CAN do, in this minute, to make a huge shift.   To get in balance. To begin to create a “new you.”

  1. BE STILL.  Be in the Moment. Sit or lie in silence with your eyes closed.   (Note: for this to be successful all devices should be turned off, and in the next room.  If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, may I humbly suggest you REALLY need to try this exercise!)   
  2. TAKE 3 DEEP Breaths.  Slowing inhaling.  When exhaling, and this is important, PUCKER your lips and exhale slowly.
  3. After the third breath, changes in your brain’s chemistry are already starting to take place.  Changes that will help relax and center you.
  4. Keeping your eyes closed, and continuing the breathing, be aware of any impressions or information that you will start to get from your Intuition.  (this is NOT thoughts from your mind.)

I’m speaking about your “gut,” your “little voice,” whatever you call that inner messaging that is usually ignored!

Trust in your intuition… no matter what.

  • Your intuition and staying in the Moment allows the “inner wisdom from your highest Divine self”  to be revealed to you.  The wisdom necessary to start to create a “new you” for this COVID reality.

A “new you” to begin a meaningful life, a life with purpose,  a life that will fulfill your destiny.

In Peace, Hope & Love,


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