Abuelitas’ Kitchen

I was so lucky to have 2 incredibly loving abuelitas,  Grandma Rosie and Grandma Panchita.  Both came over the border in the early 1900’s to escape the Mexican Revolution.

Both sets of grandparents lived in Los Angeles so we were fortunate to be able to visit them every weekend.  That was a lot of fun as usually there would be some cousins around to get into mischief.    In addition both of my grandmothers were incredible cooks and my Tata could BBQ some “mean” tripas!

My brother and I would sometimes spend a few days at my paternal grandparents, Tata and Grandma Panchita’s,  house in the summers. On his way to work my dad would drop us off there. 

My brother and I would rush in the back door to be greeted by the most delicious smell of tortillas de harina (wheat) being cooked. Walking into the kitchen,  Grandma Panchita would be rolling a tortilla with a rolling pin with her left hand, while with her right hand,  she’d be turning over a tortilla cooking on a searing hot cast iron griddle.  

She’d be so happy to see us and before she could ask  “do you want one?”  my brother and I would have snitched two off the basket with a flour sack holding the still warm already made tortillas.  Slathered in butter, the tortillas rolled up, we’d sit at the kitchen table watching her as we tasted  “heaven” and licked the dripping butter off our fingers.

Grandma Rosie’s Arroz con Leche:  My mom told me that this was her favorite dish growing up.  She’d make it for all of us kids, and to this day it is my “go to” comfort food. You could feel the love that was in every mouthfull!   You’ll note the recipe serves 6-8.   However when us older kids were in high school, one of my brothers would sometimes eat the whole bowl at one sitting.   Poor Mamacita, she’d have to make another batch! 


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