How to  KICK 2020 “in the  butt” & KICK START 2021 Now!

How to  KICK 2020 “in the  butt” & KICK START 2021 Now!

We’re in a critical time now.  It’s called “Transition.”  We are all starting to peep out from under the COVID “Holding Pattern” blanket of the last 9 months.  It’s time to LAND in 2021.  The year of promise, the year of being alive & healthy, the year of vaccine potentials.    You made it.

But, and this is a large but:  How to land without all the heavy psychological baggage collected during these traumatizing months?   The emotional, mental, “inner-self” heavy baggage that’s built up like the plaque on your teeth after 3 missed teeth cleaning appointments.

I have the answer for you:  Theresa’s SUPER DUPER SHOWER

Remember –“I’m Gonna Wash that Man right out of my hair.” from South Pacific?   The heroine does a really cool song on how she’s had it with her guy and she’s gonna get rid of him!

(You unfortunates who have not had a chance to see one of the best musicals of all time please do yourself a HUGE FAVOR and check it out.  You’ll find yourself singing the songs and just walking around with a smile)

But I digress.  The heroine is literally washing her hair vigorously as she laments why she is washing “him” out, figuratively. And it works.  For over 100,000 years humans have used water for ceremonial purposes of cleansing, purifying, making new, and making whole our thoughts, feeling and emotions.

Here’s my 3-3-3 easy solution for kicking 2020 in the butt: Theresa’s Super Duper Showers               

3 cleansing and purifying 3 minute showers,     3 days apart

A way to physically, emotionally and mentally reboot the body, down to cellular level.  

Preparation:  a.  Choose a time that you won’t be distracted during the shower.  Leave your phone out of the bathroom.  (Note: If you are unwilling to do this, forget the whole thing.  You don’twant any changes in your life right now!)

b.  Scrub yourself from head to toe with a rough washcloth or bristle brush. (brush is the best, however a rough cloth will work.)  This loosens old dead skin.  Our skin is the largest organ in our body.

c.  Start breathing in and out slowly, in a relaxed way.  As you do this, let go of thinking about what you are going to do when you finish your shower.

d.  Run the shower water very warm.

e. Right before stepping into the shower, set an alarm for  3 min. (use your old oven timer alarm, or an old clock.) Stepping into the shower, go in all the way so you are under the faucet.  Let the water run from the top of your head on down.  Let the water hit the back of your neck,  point it also directly into your face.

As you are standing there, take deep soothing breaths.  ALLOW thoughts of this past year to come to you. Whatever is coming is there  because it is time to let it go.  As they come, feel the weight and heaviness, sadness or depress being washed down the drain. Don’t try to figure the thoughts out.  DON’T judge them.  Just let them come up and feel them go down the drain.

Now here’s the hard part, but the most important part!

When the alarm goes off, turn on ONLY the COLD water.  The shock of it may cause you to yelp out loud,  that’s great.  Let that cold water run all over you!  Even for just a few moments.  

Studies show cold water immersion boosts your immune system, give you a natural high from the endorphin release, improves your circulation, reduces stress, burns calories,  and  improves libido.

BRISKLY DRY YOURSELF OFF with a fresh towel.  

Briefly check into yourself….do you notice any differences between how you felt before the shower compared to this moment?

Repeat procedure in 3 days, and then 3 days after that.  

You will start to notice slight changes.  For instance, you might start to sleep longer without waking up, your attention span and focus is enhanced, you feel less irritable, cranky and your months long low riding “being down” will start to lift. 

You may even be surprised at feeling hopeful and optimistic!      

Your life’s potentials for 2021:  Freedom after clearing out the traumas of 2020 enables an inner openness which will bring meaningful and uplifting experiences and people to you.


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