How to have a meaningful journey in Life, Death & Beyond.

Join me for a seminar on understanding death, dying, and the Other Side.  

The biology and physical changes and signs that are encountered when someone is dying will be explained.  While everyone’s dying is unique to that person there are generalities that all people experience.   This seminar will detail what these generalities consist of.

The dying frequently at some point, turn their focus to “another world” and may talk to people or see things that others do not see.  The dying will frequently let others know who or what they are seeing and if there is communications, and what those communications are. 

Seeking mental, emotional, psychological, psychic and spiritual comfort is of upmost importance to the dying person.  By being a Deathwalker, you will be able to accompany them to the Other Side after their last breath.  They will not be alone.This reassurance provides one of the deepest form of comfort that a dying person needs.    

Then returning back and sharing the experience with their loved ones can be a comfort beyond words.  A great amount of healing from their loss can be had from hearing of their loved one’s experience when they went to the Other Side. 

To facilitate learning how to become a Deathwalker:
  • Learn specific tools of mindfulness, calm & relaxation techniques.
  • Practice unique techniques in breathing that allows the brain to enter into an altered state, facilitating being a Deathwalker.
  • Be proficient in navigating your mind during your altered state of consciousness
  • Learn how to keep “centered” and objective when you Deathwalk.
The 2 hour seminars are live on ZOOM, however they will be recorded for later review or if your schedule does not allow you to attend live.
Aug. 15, 20226-8pm East Coast time
Sept. 12, 20226-8pm East Coast time
Oct. 17, 20226-8pm East Coast time
Nov. 14, 20226-8pm East Coast time
2023 Schedule
Jan. 16, 20236-8pm East Coast time
Feb. 20, 20236-8pm East Coast time
March 13, 20236-8pm East Coast time
April  17, 20236-8pm East Coast time

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Note that I am available for private classes as well.


Family Nurse Practitioner (retired)


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